Friday, May 12, 2006

Search API common problems

We're suddenly picking up a lot more people using the search API. There are a few problems that people run into, and they are our fault. Sorry.

The first problem is that there is a parameter missing from the doc: on the search results calls, the "apimode=1" parameter is required. If you don't pass it, you will get HTML and not XML! This will be fixed on the next site update we do. Just send apimode=1 on everything, it can't hurt :-)

The next problem is that sometimes the quota allocation breaks, and your quota is set to zero. If you are only able to do 1 or 2 searches and then you get "over quota" errors, please use the feedback link on to say this:

"my quota is broken on the search API. my email address for the developer is *insert email here*. Tell billo to get off his fat ass and fix my quota!"

(you may substitute "chiseled, Brad Pitt-like" for "fat" if you want to score points)

Finally there is some confusion over the 1000/day default quota. It's really 1000 searches/day, distributed over 24 hours, bucketed by whole hour. So you have 41 searches per hour when the quota is 1000/day.


Blogger bipool said...

Hi, today i am getting a problem.
when i am going to get search id , it is not giving any serchid , it is giving a message like following

/**********************/ needs cookies. does not work unless you have cookies enabled in your browser.

Use your web browser preferences or options to enable cookies for Then refresh this page until the status below says "yes."

Cookie status: no

When it says "yes," you can begin using


But this worked fine before .
From today i m getting this problem.Why i am getting this problem and what should i do , Please let me know .

Thanks for advance


11:38 PM  

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